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How to Dress Down a Double-Breasted Jacket - Casual Suit Secrets

Learn Casual Suit Secrets here: https://gentl.mn/dressing-down-the-db-jacket

1. Silk Pocket Square in Light Blue with Small and Large Paisley - https://gentl.mn/2CuQZbI
2. Caramel and Dark Burgundy Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks Fil d'Ecosse Cotton - https://gentl.mn/2W0aXnj

So what are the main ways to dress down the DB jacket? We came up with seven points.

Number one, do pair your double-breasted jacket with more casual pants as well as informal shirts. Specifically, that means skip the white or pale blue shirt and instead, go with something maybe in a washed denim. Alternatively, you could also go with flannel because it makes you look softer and more relaxed. In terms of colors, consider earthy tones and pastel tones in the range of brown, ivory, or yellow. These warm colors are perfect when combined with a double-breasted jacket.

Two, do pair your double-breasted jackets with informal accessories and accouterments like shoes. That means skip the oxford and instead go with a monk strap shoe, maybe a double monk or loafers. Choose derbies over oxfords because they're a little less formal. If you only have oxfords or only formal derbies, consider getting colorful shoelaces because they really break up the formality of your shoes and make it look like an entirely new pair which is great for casual DB combinations.

Three, consider skipping accessories altogether. That means no tie and instead of over the calf socks, go with no-show socks, that gives your ensemble definitely a very casual appearance. Of course, the notion of no sock look only works during the summer, otherwise, you'll be too cold. If you wear a shirt, skip the cufflinks, go with a barrel cuff, you can even leave it unbuttoned for a very casual feel.

Four, get casual buttons. If you have dark horn buttons or maybe plastic buttons, they look very formal. On a double-breasted jacket such as a navy blazer, adding maybe mother-of-pearl buttons in a contrasting white is a clear sign to dress something down. As a general rule of thumb, the lighter the button color and the more contrasting, the more casual the overall look and feel.

Five, play with your button configurations. Most double-breasted jackets or suits come in a six-two configuration meaning of six buttons, two of which are buttoned. Traditionally, you'd button the two lower ones which would create a much more formal look. Alternatively, you can leave the bottom button undone or you can button the whole thing just on the bottom row and see how it looks.

Six, pair the blazer or jacket with a turtleneck sweater or
maybe a wool knit polo shirt. For a casual DB ensemble, the turtleneck sweater is ideal because it creates some visual interest in an area where you usually have neckwear or a bow tie. Because it covers your neck, you'll feel warmer which is in line with the two layers of fabric in the double-breasted jacket that will keep you warmer than a comparatively single-breasted one.

Seven, intentionally buy more casual double-breasted jackets and blazers. Opting for something maybe in a linen fabric or something with a Glen check pattern in gray with colors of maybe purple or green is just a lot more casual and the whole look is easier to pull off.

So now that you know the 7 things to pay attention to when choosing a double-breasted coat, what are the things to avoid?

First of all, don't pair a doubt breasted jacket with jeans because denim is simply too casual and will clash with the formality of the double-breasted coat.

Two, don't wear a jacket unbuttoned unless it's your idea of sprezzatura.

Three, don't try to dress down a striped jacket because that is a very formal garment that is usually seen on Wall Street or in a business environment.

Four, don't try to put your hands in your pockets constantly even though it makes you look more casual. Yes, it is true, having a hand in your pocket makes you look more relaxed but overall, if you try to just have your hands in your pockets all the time, you end up having your clothes wearing you rather than you wearing the clothes.
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Sven Tripp : Now I know why my sister told me to check out your channel it's time for me to leave my rock band tees, jeans and vans and start dressing like a gentleman
謝宗祐 : I really love whenever Rafael does that "thumbs down" gesture lol
Beauregarde St. Beauregarde : @Gentleman's Gazette
I've been watching your videos for most of a year now, and without exception they've contributed greatly to the professionalism expressed in my wardrobe and day to day style. That said, this video is especially relevant to my current career path.

While I desire to present myself in a distinguished and self respecting light, as a "Union man" it's easy to feel out of place. Something as simple as well fitted suit and tie already borders on 'church clothes.' I very much appreciate these clear tips on dressing up without being overdressed, many of the looks you demonstrated are ideally suited to the culture around me.

10/10, looking forward to more
tonydeltablues : I was thrilled when I saw the title of this video. Until recently, I never considered DB jackets; after buying a navy DB wool jacket from a charity/thirft shop, I really an taken with DB jackets. This suits me down to the ground as I don't have the need to wear formal attire very often, rather I prefer to dress down my jackets with moleskin trousers and a pair of single monks straps in dark brown suede.
Another well-informed, quality video :-) thanks
John Grey : Hello Raphael love the tutorial! Hope to see an similar tutorial on double breasted coat as well. Keep up the good work!

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